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Thursday, 24 July 2014

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Have you ever eaten a whole pizza? Maybe not, but if you've ever eaten part of a pizza and saved the rest for later, you've eaten a fraction of a pizza.
pizza fractions

Say this was your pizza, sliced into 5 even pieces. What if you eat 3 of the 5 pieces? You can relate the amount of pizza you ate as a fraction, 3/5, which means that there are 2/5 of the pizza leftover for lunch tomorrow.
A fraction represents part of a whole number. The numerator (top number) tells you how many pieces you are talking about, and the denominator (bottom number) is how many pieces make up the whole. As for your pizza, you ate 3 pieces, so for this fraction the numerator is 3, and there were 5 pieces in total, so the denominator is 5.

There are three types of fractions:
  • Proper fractions - the numerator is less than the denominator
  • Improper fractions - the numerator is higher than (or equal to) the denominator
  • Mixed fractions - a whole number and proper fraction combined

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