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Sunday, 19 October 2014

The words in these lists are used most often when we write. Together they make up most writing, so they are important.
Feel free to use these lists at home with your child.
Essential List 1
a I It the was Mum and in my to we Dad
Essential List 2
at had of that up by no but he on then went
do am got me so they you if
Essential List 3
about be go into our or dog after going just out us yes all came have like said
saw party are day her some as down his not were look back get home one with cat use tea
Essential List 4
again next people time because birthday
yesterday an first night put took fun lunch around food ran two run big from now read good off school very write can has old see well come him only started what could house their will jump learn stop other them would
did little over this your
Essential List 5
above across door last once through
another everyone left play told number
away family long really too bed five looked room walked these been found made something want those before friend still way best more thing where brother heard morning think which brother heard morning think which called here name thought who car know
never three year
Essential List 6
also cool eyes head jump always dark fell hit knew asked decided felt how later black find inside life boy eat four its live bus end gave it’s lot even getting I’ll lunch coming every great I’m make against breakfast own picture
minutes place sister top water most ready sleep town while much ride suddenly tree why nice right take turned window opened tell until woke outside say ten wanted
Essential List 7
allowed any each ground money soon baby ever stay bad everything hand myself ball face happened new swimming being fast
happy parents bit help picked than boat few hole playing tried bought finally presents under camp finished hour road wait
dead game side won died girl small work doing gone many sometimes world enough important kept remember usually
Essential List 8
allowed disappeared holidays stopped awhile doesn’t hopped straight don’t instead threw brought everybody lightning tomorrow cannon everyday luckily video can’t everywhere nearly wasn’t caught excited police watch centre favourite resent weren’t chocolate field probably we’re clothes friends quiet whole couldn’t front scared won’t didn’t grabbed second you’re different having someone quite

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