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Monday, 29 December 2014

Learning a pepeha

We are learning about where we come from. This is how Māori explain where they link to.

Ko ____________ te māunga

Ko ____________ te awa/roto/moana

Ko ____________ te waka 

*Ko ____________ tōku tīpuna 

*Ko ____________ tōku iwi

Ko ____________ tōku hapū

Ko ____________ tōku marae 

*Nō ____________ ahau

Ko ____________ rāua 

ko __________ ōku mātua 

*Ko ____________ tāku ingoa

The mountain that I affiliate to is

The river/lake/sea that I affiliate to is ____________________

The waka that I affiliate to is ____________________________ 

*My (founding) ancestor is _______________ 

*My tribe is _____________________________

My sub-tribe is _________________________

My marae is ___________________________ 

*I am from _____________________________

My parents are __________ and ___________ 

*My name is ____________________________

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